Automotive database conversion software

We offer utilities for automotive software database conversion to csv, xml, sql, FireBird, MSSQL, MySQL and others. Our software products are unique on the market!

Demos for all products are available on demand. Just email us:

Product list and prices
Software to Convert From (database) Price Comments
ETKA 800 €, 250 € per update All information from the database, exploded diagrams, images and other information (Audi, Skoda, Volkswagen, Seat). (MSSQL/MySQL databases + images)
Porsche PET 1000 €, 300 € per update All information from the database, exploded diagrams, images and other information. (MSSQL/MySQL databases + images)
ETKA JSON Service Purchase: 2500 €,
Subscription: from 200 € per month
The service is capable of full ETKA emulation (including FI VIN-vased filterinng function). The service application can be optionally intergrated with:
- VIN resolver component (+450 €)
- ETKA 7.5 VIN Resolve Service component (+600 €). Turns any ETKA 7.5 into a fully-functional version with VIN resolve and FI.
- TecDoc database (+300 €).

PHP (Symfony3) + MySQL.

The code is carefully optimized to provide typical response time within 200-300 ms.

All methods are well-documented. Demo access is available on request.
ETKA FGST Retrieval Service (VIN resolver for Audi, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen and Porsche) 450 € Built-in cache allows VIN to be actually resolved only on first call, all further requests for this VIN FGST will be served from cache. Pre-filled with 1 700 000 FGST. PHP (Symfony3) + MySQL
ETKA 7.5 VIN Resolve Service 600 € Enables VIN resolve function in ETKA 7.5. Requires ETKA FGST Retrieval Service to be purchased too. PHP (Symfony3)
TecDoc 200 €, 150 € per update Aftermarket parts database.
AuDaTex (AuDaCon) Database from TecDoc 900 € Contains all data: labor times, maintenance, technical info, manuals (with images).
The database contains lots of data never shown in TecDoc.
A fully-functional demo is available online to evaluate the database. The demo is written in pure PHP, source code is available upon purchase.
Mercedes-Benz EPC, WIS 1000 €, 300 € per update (optional, every quarter) All EPC/WIS databases. Images are converted from proprietary format to PNG. All 'callouts' (hot spot information) from source images are exported to a separate database.
FIAT ePER 500 € FIAT ePER database (including VIN data) and graphics.
Ford ECAT 250 € Ford ECAT database + illustration decryption and conversion to svg.
Microcat Ford Europe, Asia/Pacific, USA 1000 € VIN databases and complete catalog data including images.
GM Opel EPC (GM Europe, GME) 300 € Opel parts catalogue.
GM Chevrolet EPC (GM Europe, GME) 300 € Chevrolet parts catalogue.
GM EPC (GM North America, GMNA: Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Hummer, GMC, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saab, Saturn) 800 € Parts DB for all General Motors North America vehicles.
Bosch Esi[tronic] 750 € All Bosch Esi[tronic] databases conversion to SQL format.

Please note that our software is intented for backup purposes only.

If the database you need to convert is not present in our list, please contact us.